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Guaranteed Wireless Savings 

Let RS Communications do all the work ... at no cost!


Send RS Communications your last 3 - 6 monthly statements


Our experienced team will analyze and negotiate with carriers 


RS communications will present you your options and savings 

Your Own Professional Consultant 24/7

We give you peace of mind when we provide your free analysis of your cell phone usage and will only get paid once we deliver savings. Our charges are a percentage of a reduced cost on your wireless bill. You have nothing to lose, except the extra charges on your cell phone bill!

Our experts, with their in-depth knowledge of the Canada’s wireless business, will negotiate and leverage the best deals possible. Most service providers will work hard to ensure they retain their corporate clients.

Customers often complain about the time and resources spent dealing with their wireless service provider. Been there, done that! At RS Communications, we are professional and friendly and aim to make sure YOU get the most bang out of your buck.

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

How it works 

RS Communications can cut your corporate wireless costs by as much as 30% to 40%.

• RS Communications’ expert analysts hail from the corporate sales ranks of Canada’s major telecom companies, such as Bell Mobility, TELUS and Rogers Wireless.

• RS Communications knows how the industry works and is continually informed on the most current rate plans and packages in the Canadian, US and International market place.

• With this leverage, RS Communications can re-negotiate a better deal with your current provider, regardless of whether you are locked into a contract or not.

You pay nothing.

  • No risk, great reward. RS Communications’ fee is paid by the carriers.

  • The more you save, the more we earn.

  • Stop overpaying... and let RS Communications help you save on your wireless costs and boost your bottom line.  


Get Ready to Maximize Your Savings! 

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